Rabbi JJ Hecht

The long-awaited biography of Rabbi Yaakov Yehudah “JJ” Hecht.
A real yankee, a true chossid.


I must say, extremely, extremely impressive! The research! The detail! The info of a bygone era! Wow!

I am really enjoying the book!

It is an amazing beautiful piece of work. I cannot put it down, but I have to because I have other things I need to get done.

WOW! Just amazing. Really captures him. So well written.

The book is excellent!!! The Rebbe respected Rabbi Hecht and used his talents for a host of things!

I really want my eineklach to know what greatness looks like, what total devotion and emes looks like when the soil you grow up on isn't Russian but American! What mesiras nefesh with joy and humor is all about, what hiskashrus is, that it means to really love the Rebbe and what the Rebbe wants. And so today I bought the book so they can know this...(and I can't wait to read it)!

I enjoyed the book. He was a special person, so full of character and accomplishments.

It is a fabulous book.

A great read and so inspirational. Incredible stories with interesting historical fact.

Just read your book about your Zayde and I absolutely loved it!! Mazel Tov on such a biography masterpiece that truly captured your subject’s essence!

I am SO enjoying your book about Rabbi Hecht. Clearly such a monumental amount of work went into it. As I read and I am amazed at everything that Rabbi Hecht did.

My nightly reading, and reminding me what it means to be a unique person and exceptional chossid.

Thank you for putting into words the life of a man who was larger than life. You stunningly completed an enormous task!

I recently read... “JJ Hecht” book cover to cover and both genuinely enjoyed and gained lots from it. Such a refreshingly rich read with great stories and messages woven throughout. Big Yashar Ko’ach!

I think it’s k’dai to read the book Rabbi JJ Hecht. It is a true inspiration of the life of a made in “USA” chossid “fiercely devoted” to the Rebbe.

It’s not just the just story of Rabbi JJ, which itself would be valuable, but also the story of a chossid’s true connection to, and reaction is REAL messiras nefesh (read: Ratzon) of an AMERICAN boy/young man/ older chassid for the Rebbe. It illustrates how the Rebbe worked to change the world through a regular American boy who could have done very well for himself. And how this America boy who could have done very well for himself put it ALL aside for the Rebbe. For me it is a very relevant role model for us who were born in USA. A real personification of the toichen the מאמר of ואתה תצוה, and how it could work in all of us.

About The Book

Rabbi JJ Hecht was a man determined to make a difference. Closely guided by the Rebbe Rayatz and fiercely devoted to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Hecht was a powerful, unrelenting force on the front lines of preserving Torah-true Judaism and the future of the Jewish people.

For nearly fifty years, Rabbi Hecht was a pioneer of Jewish outreach and fearless leader of American Jewry. His influence and inspiration spanned the globe, and their effects still ripple today. Where there was a Jewish need, Rabbi Hecht stepped up to fill it; from chinuch to assimilation, from intermarriage to counseling, from the skyscrapers of New York to the fledging state of Israel and the radio waves in between, no person was too small, no soul was too lost.

Rabbi Hecht valued every individual; his work enriched the lives of thousands, his legacy affected millions, his impact lives on.

About the author.

E. L. TENENBAUM is a granddaughter of Rabbi JJ Hecht. She is a writer, author, podcaster, educator, and has been a guest speaker at schools around the world. For more, please visit www.ELTenenbaum.com.